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INCLUDED TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE - This page contains extremely important information.  These terms and conditions are in addition to any terms and conditions set by any supplier for which Just Cruisin' Plus acts as an agent.

1. DOCUMENT ACCURACY - Please check your documents when you receive them to verify name, date, and travel arrangement accuracy. Call if there are errors. First and last name of each passenger must be exactly as it appears on the passenger’s passport – no exceptions.


Domestic: Reconfirm all flights prior to departure and at each stopover to give the travel supplier the opportunity to keep you advised of changes that may have occurred in your flight.

International: You must reconfirm your continuing or return reservations at least 72 hours prior to flight time at each stopover point or your reservations will be cancelled automatically.


Domestic: Two (2) hours prior to scheduled departure time minimum.

International: Three (3) hours prior to scheduled departure time minimum.

NOTE: Check in later than these times could result in denied boarding.

4. OVERBOOKING: Flights, tours, and cruises may be overbooked. A person denied boarding may be entitled to a compensatory payment from the supplier. The rules for denied airplane boarding are available at all airline ticket counters.

5. CHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS: If it is necessary to change your flight itinerary, call this agency or contact the airline on which you are scheduled to fly. If canceling, return the unused tickets to this agency for refund or credit. Special, excursion, and discount tickets are not refundable. Cruise and tour suppliers impose substantial penalties for cancellation as set forth in the terms and conditions of each supplier, a copy of which was provided to you or will be provided upon request. These restrictions were reviewed with you by our agent or are noted on the ticket, confirmation, or supplier documentation. Be sure you understand these restrictions. If you change your air travel plans en route, the airline may be able to apply the unused portion of the ticket toward the purchase of a new ticket. If you are holding a hotel or car reservation, be sure to cancel these reservations as soon as possible, but no later than the time specified by the supplier to avoid a mandatory charge.

6. INSURANCE: Airline and other suppliers' insurance have limited liability. Your personal insurance may not adequately cover losses incurred by illness, cancellation, accident, or stolen, lost, misplaced, or mishandled tickets, or damaged property. You were offered insurance to protect your investment. If the insurance was declined, you executed a waiver. If you have not purchased insurance or signed a waiver, the premium amount will remain as a balance to indicate that insurance was not purchased, until the premium is paid, a waiver is received, or your trip has been completed for six months.

7. LOST TICKETS: Lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets must be replaced. Replacement tickets must be paid for at the prevailing rate until a refund is obtained from the issuing supplier. A lost ticket surcharge will be imposed. You are responsible for all costs associated with replacement. This does not apply to electronic tickets for which no travel coupons are issued.


8. UNFORESEEN EVENTS: We have used our best efforts to assure that your trip is pleasant and enjoyable. We are not able, however, to guarantee against loss, damage to or theft of luggage, sickness, accident, inclement weather, mechanical malfunctions, or for any other unforeseen events and hereby disclaim any responsibility for losses resulting from such events.